Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shyloo Movie First Week Box Office Performance

Shyloo Movie was made with the budget of 4 crores. Producers had to recover 2 crores from theatrical revenues. Movie has considerably small release because of the genre and also Producers stratergy.

Movie as per the expectations got pretty average openings. Openings in few theatres in Bangalore and few other big centres were fantastic. But the problem was with smaller centres where the openings was not really good. In theatres like Sagar, Veeresh, Uma etc , openings was Superb because of the promotions and the hype created.

There is no official announcement from Producers regarding the collections. But as per our analysis, movie would have collected around 1.5 - 2.25 crores. Producers expected big jump up in the collections in the week but there wasnt any such jump up or increase in collections. In Hubli, collections was good compared to other territories.

So almost 1 - 1.5 crore has to be recovered still. If theatres remove movie because of its mediocre response, then it would be tough to recover these investment.But one advantage is that there is no big releases in forthcoming weeks, 

Vishnuvardhana movie First Week Box Office Performance

Vishnuvardhana Movie has already recovered 2 crores from non theatrical revenues. So movie had to still recover 4 crores from ticket counter sales.

But already the makers have announced 6 crores is the share they got in first 6 days. And we dont endorse it. Collecting 6 crores in 6 days is not easy when movie was facing stiff competition from Kannada and other language movies. So for 7 days approximately, movie would have collected 6.5 - 7 crores as per Producers and in that the distributor share would be more than 4 crores.

So if the movie has got distributor share of more than 4 crores, then the movie has already a safe venture for Dwarkish and he ll start getting profits from 2nd week. But the fact of the matter is completely different though.

Movie would have collected 3.5 - 4 crores (not sure but these may be the collections according to our  collections). So distributor share would be around 2.5 crores. So still Producers have to recover around 1.5 - 2 crore. With no big release in next two weeks, Producers may recover it in next two weeks.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shyloo Movie Box Office Preview

Ganesh's Shyloo is made with the budget of 4 crores. It has released this week all over the state. It has got good openings keeping in the mind the competetion it faced and theatres it was released.

Satellite rights has bean sold to Udaya TV and Ganesh's connection with the channel has worked and it fetched Producer K.Manju over 1.65 crores. Audio and Video rights was bought by Anand Audio for undisclosed amount. But as per sources, it may be somewhere between 25 - 30 lakhs. So approximately producer has recovered 2 crores of investment.

Only one area was sold before the release. And in Bombay Karnataka region, movie was released by Arya Mourya Enterprises. Rest of Karnataka except Hubli and Shimoga region, K Manju Cinemaas released it. They released it in less number of theatres to give some time for movie to pick up.

With other 2 - 2.5 crores investment to be recovered, it would ve been cakewalk if it was individual and big release and if Ganesh's previous movies were hit. But with negative conditions surrounding the movie, it would be bit tough for the producers to recover the investment.

But ray of hope is that movie has got positive report all over after release and few distributors are ready to take the distribution rights of few areas. So it seems like, producers may recover the investment and walk away with decent profits if the positive buzz continues.

Vishnuvardhana movie Box Office Preview

Sudeepa starrer Vishnuvardhana is made with the huge budget of around 5-6 crores. But few sections claim budget is 9 crore and its not true. After watching movie, even u feel 6 crores wont be the budget of the movie.
But because of huge star cast like Sonu Sood, Priyamani, and Bhavana, budget would have gone high.

Ashok Kheny of NISE road is also one of the producer of the movie of this movie which many people doesnt know. He joined the movie in d middle of the production (acc to sources, because of financial crisis, Kheny financed the project because he shared close releationship with Sudeepa).

Satellite rights of the movie would have easily fetched over 1.6 crores. Audio and Video rights have been bought by Ashwini group for 36 lakhs. So by now Dwarkish would have hardly got back 2 crores of his investment and if d budget is really 6 crores, then still 4 crores is to be recovered.

None of the areas has not been sold yet. M.N.Kumar has released the movie all over the state. With two big movies released same week, collections would be divided and infact already collections has been divided. So to recover the investment, movie has to do extremely well at the box office. Pretty Tough road ahead for Vishnuvardhana in that perspective. Hope Kannada fans would lap up good movies like Vishnuvardhana.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Jaraasandha Movie Box Office Preview

Jaraasandha movie is made with the budget of over 6 crores which turns out to be costliest film of Vijay and director Shashank.

Satellite rights have fetched superb amount for producers and audio and video rights which was taken by Ashwini Media Networks have also fetched decent rates. All the areas have been sold for good rates. But BKT and MMCH distribution rights have not been sold by the Producers because they themselves are strong distributors in this region who have distributed super hit movies like Super (in MMCH) and Veera Madakari (in BKT).

As they have the rights of two big areas, they want the movie to take an earth shattering openings. Because of that the promotions have been going on strongly. Shashank is taking care of the promotions. Shashank who needs to prove that he is capable of doing action movies wants this movie to be hit to prove that point. Even though Johnny Mera Naam was a hit, it had contributions from many of them and moreover movie was not Vijay's trademark action movie. So even he wants this movie to be successful.

Finally the prevous movie of this producers was Shourya which was a average flick and it was almost a loss venture fro them. So they are keeping their hopes on this action flick to bring them back to success way.

Lets see what KANNADA BOX OFFICE has in store for this most expected action flick JARAASANDHA..!! We have to wait till friday to know whats the verdic of this movie.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Maduve Mane and Bodyguard Box Office Review

Maduve Mane and Bodyguard which opened two weeks back got pretty mediocre openings even though both the producers had promoted well.

Bodyguard is taken out from all the theatres except main theatre Triveni where Jarasandha would replace bodyguard from next week. Movie was made with the moderate budget. Producers had recovered more than 705 of the amount from Satellite rights and remaining 30% would had to be recovered rom theatrical shares.

As the movie got pretty ordinary openings, it would have been tough for producers to recover these amounts.But producers claim that they have recovered the investment. But not much profits for Producer Jaggesh from this movie.

Maduve Mane got fantastic response from media and was also publicised well. But the audience didnt give much attention to the movie as they thought it is yet another movie from Ganesh which is not good (it may be because of previous movies of Ganesh). Satellite Rights was sold for very good price.

As movie was delayed the loans taken by Rehaman went on increasing which made the investment on the movie more. Even though satellite rights and theatrical shares fetched good amount, it will turn out to be loss venture for Producer Rehaman and Distributor K.Manju. And with big releases lined up, Maduve Mane will lose all the theatres and also the audiences interest

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shivanna's new movie Olle Huduga

Shivanna and Om Prakash Rao who had done Simhada Maari in past and doing Shiva at present are planning to do a new movie Olle Huduga in future..!!

Yes, u heard it right, Shivanna and OPR are again doing a movie together and OPR confirmed this in an interview recently. OPR is directing and producing this movie. He is planning to rope in Taapsee of Aadukalam fame as the heroine. But if her dates are not available, he ia planning to try Ileana. OPR wants one of the top heroine to do this role.

One more interesting thing is, OPR is planning to rope in V.Ravichandran to compose the music and if it happens it would be great to see Shivanna dancing to Crazy Star's tunes. Already OPR has told the story line to Ravichandran.

Few months back, there was gossip that Ajay Rao would be hero of this movie but OPR says he wanted Shivanna to do this movie but Shivanna wanted Punith to do this movie but after waiting for few years, it did not happen due to few reasons. So Shivanna during the shoot of Shiva movie told OPR that he will do this movie.

Om Prakash Rao is planning to start the movie in June 2012 because he needs 4 months for Pre-Production work. He says that a big set is to be erected for the movie and also that the movie would be made with big budget.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Big Releases Ahead

After the sunami of other language movies like Ra.One, Velayudham and Ezham Arivu, there are few big releases in the coming weeks.

This week releases are Kanchana and Obavva. Kanchana stars Diganth and Ragini. Obavva stars Ayesha and Deepak. There is not much expectation on this week's releases.

But in November we can expect few big releases unlike lst two weeks. Movies releasing include Ravichandran's Narasimha, Sudeep's Vishnu Vardhana, Vijay's Jarasandha, Ganesh's Shyloo and Maduve Mane, Jaggesh's Bodyguard.

In first week of november, Ganesh's Maduve Mane is confirmed and Bodyguard may also release on the same day if they get the proper theatres setup. So it would be double bonanza for Kannadigas in KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA week

In second week of november, Vijay's Jarasandha is confirmed and even makers of Vishnu Vardhana have announced already that they ll release their movie in November second week. But even audio of the movie is also not released.

With this movies, there are lots of small budgeted movies which are awaiting their turn. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Diganth's Taare Releasing Tomorrow

Diganth starrer Taare is releasing tomorrow. Shivaraj Hoskere is the director of this movie. C.R.Bobby is the music director of the movie.

Ravish is the producer. Sanjana and Urvarshi are the heroines.Movie started its principal shooting few years back. But the shooting was stopped in the mid way because the producer of the movie Ravish met with the accident and he was bed ridden  for few months. Once he was back,  he completed the shoot with the help of his friends and finally he is releasing the movie tomorrow.

Movie is being released by the producer on his own. Satellite Rights would have fetched decent amount because of Diganth factor. But the remaining part is to be recovered from Theatres. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Movies Releasing This Week

Ahead of Diwali, this week 3 movies are releasing. Tarun starrer Nannala and Ishta are confirmed. However Diganth's Taare is yet to get the theatre setup required.

Tarun starrer Nannala is directed by Dinesh Babu. This is thriller flick which will bring audience to edge of the seat by the end of the movie. Shubha Punja is the heroine. Anant Nag, Urvarshi and Rangayana Raghu play other important roles. Movie is  produced by D.B.Kumaraswamy who has produced lots of TV Rights movies in the past. Giridhar Divan of Chiru fame has provided music.

Movie is being released by the producer itself through Ganesh Enterprises. Movie is made with the budget of 1 crore. Most part of the budget is recovered by Satellite Rights and the remaining part is to be recovered by theatrical revenues. If the content is good, then producer may recover his expenses.

Ishta is completely made by bunch of new comers. Bhumika is the heroine of the movie. Her father Vijaykumar Chabria who is into cable business is producing this movie for his daughter. Her mother Smt.Indrani Chabria is the music director of the movie.Music of the movie has been liked by the audience to a certain extent but which may not help the movie in getting the required openings

Movie is released by the producers on their own. Movie is made with the moderate budget. Even the satellite rights would not fetch the good amount so the budget should be recovered completely by theatrical share.

We will let you know about the other movies Taare and Mathe Banni Preethsona once its release gets confirmed.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sarathy or Paramathma..??

As one of the website reported today as to which movie is a bigger hit, whether its Sarathy or Paramathma..??. Normal movie goers would not have understood what they were trying to tell.


Opened with divide talk.
Blockbuster in A centres.
Average (or below average in some centres) in B and C centres
Super Duper Hit in Multiplexes especially


Opened with Positive talk
Super Hit all over.
Below Average in Multplexes.

But why is Paramathma leading or having more collections..??

Its simple, ticket rates were increased all over so because of that collections would be more in all the centres.
Its a super hit in multiplexes so this brings in more collections for the producer of the movie even though its released in less no of screens.
For Ex: Movie collected 23 lakhs in main theatre Santosh but the collections of a Mantri Mall Inox or PVR cinemas alone would be more than 23 lakhs.

Reason why Sarathy is collecting less....

Even though the movie was released in more number of theatres, ticket prices were not increased.
For Ex: Prasanna and Veeresh theatres are almost like main theatre for Kannada movies.
Sarathy was released in Prasanna and Paramathma was released in Veeresh.
 Ticket Rates in Prasanna were mere Rs.50 in first week and in Veeresh it was Rs.100.
Same happened all over the state due to which Sarathy collected less compared to Paramathma.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Exclusive Pics Of Shahrukh Khan Promoting Ra.One In Bangalore

Shahrukh Khan was in bangalore yesterday to promote Ra.One. He was in Royal Meenakshi Mall and around 30000 fans were their to get a glimpse of SRK. SRK didnt disappoint his fans though. He performed for Chammak Challo and few other songs.Here are the exclusive pics of yesterday's promotional event

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Telugu Movie Oosaravelli Karnataka Collections

The exact collection details of telugu movie Oosaravelli has been released by its producers recently. NTR and Tammanaah starrer movie released last week all over the world.

According to the producers, film has collected 4,98,15,000 which is very much impossible in Karnataka. But actual collections for Oosaravelli is 1.29 crores (2nd Highest after Magadheera). Dhookudu which was released three weeks back collected 1.12 crores in its first week in Karnataka.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Putra: Content Good Collections Bad

This week there was only one Kannada release which is very rare now a days. Movie released was Putra. Its a remake of tamil movie Em Magan which had Bharath playing the lead role. In Kannada, Diganth plays the lead role.

V.Umakanth is the director and Rose Productions has produced it. Ambari Supritha and Roopashree plays the female lead roles. Director has done pretty good job in bringing this tamil movie to kannada nativity despite fe glitches. Movie is pretty good basically because of the good scrript.

Diganth as a obedient son is pretty good. But this cant be said to Supriya. Other character artists have played their part pretty well. Avinash as Diganth's father has performed well. Music is ordinary.

Saying this openings are pretty average. Except the main theatre Anupama, in other places openings were below average. It looks like Lifeu Ishtene success has not helped Putra to get good openings.

KFI's Records are now Paramathma's Records

To start with the movie was the most expected movie and the expectations reached yet another level after the music was out. Movie was released last week amidst the huge expections in more than 75 theatres. But the openings got were almost unexpected.

In a side theatre like Uma, collections were over 21 lakhs. A new Multiplex DRC recorded 100% collections. The movie is doing really well over the state. Inox in Mantri Mall had continuous fulls for five days which itself is a new record. Two Screens in Veeresh were running with packed houses.

Break-up of the day wise collections (According to our source)

1st day-1.81 crores
2nd day-1.76 crores
3rd day-1.80 crores
4th day-1.90 crores
5th day-1.15 crores
6th day-1.50 crores
7th day-1.20 crores
8th day-1.12 crores

So the one week gross share comes upto 12+ crores which is really a big share for a kannada movie which is screened in less than 100 theatres. Seeing the current trend and as there are no big releases this week, movie may get good 2nd week share also.