Thursday, 15 December 2011

Vishnuvardhana movie First Week Box Office Performance

Vishnuvardhana Movie has already recovered 2 crores from non theatrical revenues. So movie had to still recover 4 crores from ticket counter sales.

But already the makers have announced 6 crores is the share they got in first 6 days. And we dont endorse it. Collecting 6 crores in 6 days is not easy when movie was facing stiff competition from Kannada and other language movies. So for 7 days approximately, movie would have collected 6.5 - 7 crores as per Producers and in that the distributor share would be more than 4 crores.

So if the movie has got distributor share of more than 4 crores, then the movie has already a safe venture for Dwarkish and he ll start getting profits from 2nd week. But the fact of the matter is completely different though.

Movie would have collected 3.5 - 4 crores (not sure but these may be the collections according to our  collections). So distributor share would be around 2.5 crores. So still Producers have to recover around 1.5 - 2 crore. With no big release in next two weeks, Producers may recover it in next two weeks.

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