Sunday, 20 November 2011

Jaraasandha Movie Box Office Preview

Jaraasandha movie is made with the budget of over 6 crores which turns out to be costliest film of Vijay and director Shashank.

Satellite rights have fetched superb amount for producers and audio and video rights which was taken by Ashwini Media Networks have also fetched decent rates. All the areas have been sold for good rates. But BKT and MMCH distribution rights have not been sold by the Producers because they themselves are strong distributors in this region who have distributed super hit movies like Super (in MMCH) and Veera Madakari (in BKT).

As they have the rights of two big areas, they want the movie to take an earth shattering openings. Because of that the promotions have been going on strongly. Shashank is taking care of the promotions. Shashank who needs to prove that he is capable of doing action movies wants this movie to be hit to prove that point. Even though Johnny Mera Naam was a hit, it had contributions from many of them and moreover movie was not Vijay's trademark action movie. So even he wants this movie to be successful.

Finally the prevous movie of this producers was Shourya which was a average flick and it was almost a loss venture fro them. So they are keeping their hopes on this action flick to bring them back to success way.

Lets see what KANNADA BOX OFFICE has in store for this most expected action flick JARAASANDHA..!! We have to wait till friday to know whats the verdic of this movie.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Maduve Mane and Bodyguard Box Office Review

Maduve Mane and Bodyguard which opened two weeks back got pretty mediocre openings even though both the producers had promoted well.

Bodyguard is taken out from all the theatres except main theatre Triveni where Jarasandha would replace bodyguard from next week. Movie was made with the moderate budget. Producers had recovered more than 705 of the amount from Satellite rights and remaining 30% would had to be recovered rom theatrical shares.

As the movie got pretty ordinary openings, it would have been tough for producers to recover these amounts.But producers claim that they have recovered the investment. But not much profits for Producer Jaggesh from this movie.

Maduve Mane got fantastic response from media and was also publicised well. But the audience didnt give much attention to the movie as they thought it is yet another movie from Ganesh which is not good (it may be because of previous movies of Ganesh). Satellite Rights was sold for very good price.

As movie was delayed the loans taken by Rehaman went on increasing which made the investment on the movie more. Even though satellite rights and theatrical shares fetched good amount, it will turn out to be loss venture for Producer Rehaman and Distributor K.Manju. And with big releases lined up, Maduve Mane will lose all the theatres and also the audiences interest

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shivanna's new movie Olle Huduga

Shivanna and Om Prakash Rao who had done Simhada Maari in past and doing Shiva at present are planning to do a new movie Olle Huduga in future..!!

Yes, u heard it right, Shivanna and OPR are again doing a movie together and OPR confirmed this in an interview recently. OPR is directing and producing this movie. He is planning to rope in Taapsee of Aadukalam fame as the heroine. But if her dates are not available, he ia planning to try Ileana. OPR wants one of the top heroine to do this role.

One more interesting thing is, OPR is planning to rope in V.Ravichandran to compose the music and if it happens it would be great to see Shivanna dancing to Crazy Star's tunes. Already OPR has told the story line to Ravichandran.

Few months back, there was gossip that Ajay Rao would be hero of this movie but OPR says he wanted Shivanna to do this movie but Shivanna wanted Punith to do this movie but after waiting for few years, it did not happen due to few reasons. So Shivanna during the shoot of Shiva movie told OPR that he will do this movie.

Om Prakash Rao is planning to start the movie in June 2012 because he needs 4 months for Pre-Production work. He says that a big set is to be erected for the movie and also that the movie would be made with big budget.