Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sarathy or Paramathma..??

As one of the website reported today as to which movie is a bigger hit, whether its Sarathy or Paramathma..??. Normal movie goers would not have understood what they were trying to tell.


Opened with divide talk.
Blockbuster in A centres.
Average (or below average in some centres) in B and C centres
Super Duper Hit in Multiplexes especially


Opened with Positive talk
Super Hit all over.
Below Average in Multplexes.

But why is Paramathma leading or having more collections..??

Its simple, ticket rates were increased all over so because of that collections would be more in all the centres.
Its a super hit in multiplexes so this brings in more collections for the producer of the movie even though its released in less no of screens.
For Ex: Movie collected 23 lakhs in main theatre Santosh but the collections of a Mantri Mall Inox or PVR cinemas alone would be more than 23 lakhs.

Reason why Sarathy is collecting less....

Even though the movie was released in more number of theatres, ticket prices were not increased.
For Ex: Prasanna and Veeresh theatres are almost like main theatre for Kannada movies.
Sarathy was released in Prasanna and Paramathma was released in Veeresh.
 Ticket Rates in Prasanna were mere Rs.50 in first week and in Veeresh it was Rs.100.
Same happened all over the state due to which Sarathy collected less compared to Paramathma.

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