Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shyloo Movie First Week Box Office Performance

Shyloo Movie was made with the budget of 4 crores. Producers had to recover 2 crores from theatrical revenues. Movie has considerably small release because of the genre and also Producers stratergy.

Movie as per the expectations got pretty average openings. Openings in few theatres in Bangalore and few other big centres were fantastic. But the problem was with smaller centres where the openings was not really good. In theatres like Sagar, Veeresh, Uma etc , openings was Superb because of the promotions and the hype created.

There is no official announcement from Producers regarding the collections. But as per our analysis, movie would have collected around 1.5 - 2.25 crores. Producers expected big jump up in the collections in the week but there wasnt any such jump up or increase in collections. In Hubli, collections was good compared to other territories.

So almost 1 - 1.5 crore has to be recovered still. If theatres remove movie because of its mediocre response, then it would be tough to recover these investment.But one advantage is that there is no big releases in forthcoming weeks, 

Vishnuvardhana movie First Week Box Office Performance

Vishnuvardhana Movie has already recovered 2 crores from non theatrical revenues. So movie had to still recover 4 crores from ticket counter sales.

But already the makers have announced 6 crores is the share they got in first 6 days. And we dont endorse it. Collecting 6 crores in 6 days is not easy when movie was facing stiff competition from Kannada and other language movies. So for 7 days approximately, movie would have collected 6.5 - 7 crores as per Producers and in that the distributor share would be more than 4 crores.

So if the movie has got distributor share of more than 4 crores, then the movie has already a safe venture for Dwarkish and he ll start getting profits from 2nd week. But the fact of the matter is completely different though.

Movie would have collected 3.5 - 4 crores (not sure but these may be the collections according to our  collections). So distributor share would be around 2.5 crores. So still Producers have to recover around 1.5 - 2 crore. With no big release in next two weeks, Producers may recover it in next two weeks.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shyloo Movie Box Office Preview

Ganesh's Shyloo is made with the budget of 4 crores. It has released this week all over the state. It has got good openings keeping in the mind the competetion it faced and theatres it was released.

Satellite rights has bean sold to Udaya TV and Ganesh's connection with the channel has worked and it fetched Producer K.Manju over 1.65 crores. Audio and Video rights was bought by Anand Audio for undisclosed amount. But as per sources, it may be somewhere between 25 - 30 lakhs. So approximately producer has recovered 2 crores of investment.

Only one area was sold before the release. And in Bombay Karnataka region, movie was released by Arya Mourya Enterprises. Rest of Karnataka except Hubli and Shimoga region, K Manju Cinemaas released it. They released it in less number of theatres to give some time for movie to pick up.

With other 2 - 2.5 crores investment to be recovered, it would ve been cakewalk if it was individual and big release and if Ganesh's previous movies were hit. But with negative conditions surrounding the movie, it would be bit tough for the producers to recover the investment.

But ray of hope is that movie has got positive report all over after release and few distributors are ready to take the distribution rights of few areas. So it seems like, producers may recover the investment and walk away with decent profits if the positive buzz continues.

Vishnuvardhana movie Box Office Preview

Sudeepa starrer Vishnuvardhana is made with the huge budget of around 5-6 crores. But few sections claim budget is 9 crore and its not true. After watching movie, even u feel 6 crores wont be the budget of the movie.
But because of huge star cast like Sonu Sood, Priyamani, and Bhavana, budget would have gone high.

Ashok Kheny of NISE road is also one of the producer of the movie of this movie which many people doesnt know. He joined the movie in d middle of the production (acc to sources, because of financial crisis, Kheny financed the project because he shared close releationship with Sudeepa).

Satellite rights of the movie would have easily fetched over 1.6 crores. Audio and Video rights have been bought by Ashwini group for 36 lakhs. So by now Dwarkish would have hardly got back 2 crores of his investment and if d budget is really 6 crores, then still 4 crores is to be recovered.

None of the areas has not been sold yet. M.N.Kumar has released the movie all over the state. With two big movies released same week, collections would be divided and infact already collections has been divided. So to recover the investment, movie has to do extremely well at the box office. Pretty Tough road ahead for Vishnuvardhana in that perspective. Hope Kannada fans would lap up good movies like Vishnuvardhana.