Saturday, 10 December 2011

Vishnuvardhana movie Box Office Preview

Sudeepa starrer Vishnuvardhana is made with the huge budget of around 5-6 crores. But few sections claim budget is 9 crore and its not true. After watching movie, even u feel 6 crores wont be the budget of the movie.
But because of huge star cast like Sonu Sood, Priyamani, and Bhavana, budget would have gone high.

Ashok Kheny of NISE road is also one of the producer of the movie of this movie which many people doesnt know. He joined the movie in d middle of the production (acc to sources, because of financial crisis, Kheny financed the project because he shared close releationship with Sudeepa).

Satellite rights of the movie would have easily fetched over 1.6 crores. Audio and Video rights have been bought by Ashwini group for 36 lakhs. So by now Dwarkish would have hardly got back 2 crores of his investment and if d budget is really 6 crores, then still 4 crores is to be recovered.

None of the areas has not been sold yet. M.N.Kumar has released the movie all over the state. With two big movies released same week, collections would be divided and infact already collections has been divided. So to recover the investment, movie has to do extremely well at the box office. Pretty Tough road ahead for Vishnuvardhana in that perspective. Hope Kannada fans would lap up good movies like Vishnuvardhana.

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